Bespoke Babies






                Below is a small selection of the many reborn babies that have been made by me and have been adopted:  

Saskia reborn from a Saskia sculpt by Bonnie Brown

Levi reborn from a Levi sculpt by Bonnie Brown

Hattie reborn from a Harper sculpt by Bountiful Baby

Bella reborn from a Twin B sculpt by Bonnie Brown


Saskia reborn from a Saskia sculpt by Bonnie Brown


Aurora reborn from an Aurora-Sky sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles


Evangeline reborn from an Evangeline sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles


Ethan reborn from an Ethan sculpt by Nicole Russell


Amelia reborn from an Americus sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles



Mia reborn from a Mia sculpt by Linda Murray


James reborn from an Ariella sculpt by Reva Schick



Matthew reborn from an Eric sculpt by Adrie Stoete


Serenity reborn from a Serenity sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles


Lillie reborn from a Lizzie sculpt by Adrie Stoete


Erin reborn from a Erin sculpt by Adrie Stoete


Mason reborn from a Carmen sculpt by Adrie Stoete


Ivy reborn from a Ivy sculpt by Adrie Stoete


Olivia reborn from an Owen sculpt by Laura Tuzio Ross


Jessica reborn from a Miracle sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles


Lewis reborn from a Caspar sculpt by Christa Gotzen


Willow reborn from a Quinlynn sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles


Eloise reborn from a Elodie sculpt by Evelina Wosnjuk


Missy reborn from a Saoirse sculpt by Bonnie Brown


Brianna reborn from a Max sculpt by Gudren Legler


Ella reborn from a Tabea sculpt by Sheila Michaels